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Terms Conditions Croatian Agency

Terms Conditions Croatian Agency relates to our Agency Policy which complies with Croatian Law of Mediation in Real Estate.

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    Terms and Conditions – Real Estate Agency
    Family Travel Agency d.o.o. (Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o.) Split, is Croatian Real Estate Broker registered under number 74/2011 of Real Estate Agencies Register in the Ministry of Economy of Croatia, at Chamber of Commerce of Croatia.

    General business terms
    In accordance with the provisions of the Real Estate Brokerage Act (“OG” No. 107/07), the Real Estate Brokerage Agency Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o., registered in the Register of Brokers with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, under No. 74/2011, issues the General Terms and Conditions below.

    The General Terms and Conditions regulate the business relationship between the Agency for Real Estate Brokerage Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o. (hereinafter: the Agency) as an intermediary and principal (natural or legal persons).

    By concluding the Mediation Agreement, the Client confirms that he is familiar with and agrees with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions of the Agency.


    The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the Mediation Agreement.
    Certain terms and names in terms of these General Terms and Conditions have the following meanings:
    Real estate agent – real estate agency Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o.
    The Client is a natural and / or legal person who enters into a Brokerage Agreement with the Broker (seller, buyer, lessee, lessor and other possible participants in real estate transactions).
    Real estate brokerage is all actions of the Real Estate Broker that relate to connecting the Client and a third party and negotiations and preparation for concluding legal transactions which are the subject of a particular real estate, especially when buying, selling, exchanging, renting, leasing, etc.
    A third party is a person whom the Real Estate Broker seeks to connect with the Client for the purpose of negotiating the conclusion of legal transactions for which the real estate is determined.
    Brokerage fee is the amount that the Client is obliged to pay to the Broker for brokerage services.

    1. Real estate offer
    The offer of real estate for which the agency mediates in the sale, purchase, exchange or lease is based on information we receive in writing or orally from the property owner. We retain the possibility of error or confusion in the description and price of the property, and the possibility that the property has previously been sold, rented or the owner of the property has given up the sale (or lease / rental).

    The recipient (principal) must keep the information about the specific given offer and notification confidential and may only pass it on to a third party with our written consent.

    If the recipient of our offer already knows any of the real estate we have offered him, he is obliged to inform us without delay.

    Prices are expressed in EUR and payable in kuna equivalent.

    2. Obligations of the Agency
    enter into a Brokerage Agreement with the principal in writing (standard or exclusive, so-called exclusive);
    endeavor to find and bring into contact with the principal a person for the purpose of concluding an intermediary transaction;
    to acquaint the client with the average market price of a similar real estate;
    warn the principal of defects in the property;
    to inspect the documents proving the ownership or other real right on the real estate in question and to warn the client of obvious deficiencies and possible risks due to the unregulated land registry condition of the real estate;
    to acquaint the client with all legal, tax and other obligations arising for him from the legal transaction regarding the real estate in question;
    perform the necessary actions for the purpose of presenting the real estate on the market, advertise the real estate in an appropriate manner determined by the Agency;
    enable inspection of real estate;
    to keep the personal data of the principal, and by written order of the principal as a business secret, data on the real estate for which he mediates or in connection with that real estate or with the business for which he mediates;
    inform the client of all circumstances relevant to the intended work known to the Agency.
    mediate in negotiations and strive to conclude a legal transaction of sale;
    attend the conclusion of a legal transaction (Preliminary Agreement and Agreement);
    The agency shall be deemed to have enabled the connecting of the principal/client with another person (natural or legal) with whom Principal has negotiated a legal transaction, in particular if the Agency has:

    directly took or directed the principal/client to inspect the real estate in question; organized a meeting between the principal/client and the other contracting person for the purpose of negotiating the conclusion of a legal transaction; communicated or delivered to the principal/client the name, telephone number, email, or fax of another contact info of the person authorized to enter into a legal transaction or communicated the exact location of the requested real estate or provided or provided him with access to photographs showing the exact location of the requested real estate.

    3. Obligations of the principal/client
    – enter into a Brokerage Agreement with the Agency in writing (standard or exclusive);
    inform the Agency of all circumstances that are important for the mediation and provide accurate information about the property and to give the broker a location, construction, or use permit for the property that is the subject of the contract and provide the broker evidence of compliance with third parties;
    – provide the broker with documents proving his ownership of the real estate, or other real right on the real estate that is the subject of the contract, and warn the broker of all registered and unregistered encumbrances that exist on the real estate;
    – to enable, ie provide the Agency and a third party interested in concluding an intermediary transaction with a viewing of the real estate;
    – inform the Agency of all relevant information about the requested real estate, which includes in particular the description of the real estate and the price;
    – immediately after the conclusion of the mediated legal transaction, ie the pre-contract by which he undertook to conclude the mediated legal transaction, to pay the agreed fee (commission) to the Agency, unless otherwise agreed;
    – reimburse the Agency for any costs incurred during the mediation, which exceed the usual costs of the mediation, if so agreed;
    – inform the Agency in writing of all changes related to the real estate (such as renovation works), and in particular of changes related to the ownership of real estate;
    – the principal/client will be liable for damages, if he did not act in good faith, or if he acted fraudulently, and if he failed or provided inaccurate information relevant to the mediation work in order to complete the legal work, and is obliged to reimburse the Agency for all costs incurred during mediation, which cannot be higher than the brokerage fee for the brokered job.

    If the real estate is co-owned by several persons, the written consent (power of attorney) of all co-owners or proxies / representatives of all co-owners of the real estate is required in the form of acceptance of the Brokerage Agreement. In the case of several co-owners and proxies for the real estate in question, they are jointly and severally obliged to pay agreed intermediary fee.

    4. Exercising the right to compensation

    A legal transaction is considered concluded when the Principal/Client and a third party have agreed on the subject of the contract and the price, ie at the time of concluding the contract, pre-contract and / or deposit for the mediated legal transaction or signing another relevant document on transfer of ownership. According to these conditions, the mediated legal transaction is also the one when the Client concludes a contract, pre-contract and / or deposits a deposit with a third party, with which the Broker has brought it into contact, for real estate owned by a third party, legal or natural or family members though they are not explicitly stated in the mediation agreement. All costs incurred by the Mediator during the mediation are cumulatively included in the mediation fee, and the Mediator loses the right to compensation of the same costs by collecting the mediation fee. This does not apply to costs for work incurred when the intermediary, in agreement with the client, performs for him other services related to the work that is the subject of mediation and which are not included in the usual mediation activities. The agreed brokerage fee does not include the costs of settling court fees for registration, pre-registration and notation, notary fees for certification of signatures on documents, settlement of fees for obtaining a title deed, copies of cadastral plan, identification, mortgage transfer, mortgage removal fees, certificates in connection with a concluded legal transaction.

    The Agency acquires the right to compensation in full at the time of concluding the mediated transaction, ie by signing a pre-contract or a contract by which the principal/client undertook to conclude the mediated legal transaction. The fee is paid to the agency at the time of signing the pre-sale agreement (pre-contract) or the purchase/sale contract/agreement of the two contracting parties or the conclusion of the relevant document on the transfer of ownership.

    The amount of brokerage commissions for mediation performed during the purchase, exchange, lease and rental of real estate is charged in accordance with the Brokerage Agreement.

    The Agency may contract the right to reimbursement of expenses necessary for the execution of the order and request that funds be paid in advance for certain expenses.

    The Client is also obliged to pay the fee when he has concluded a legal transaction with the person with whom the Agency brought him in the contact, which legal transaction is different from the one for which the mediation was performed, but which is of the same value as the legal transaction or which achieves the same purpose as the mediated legal transaction.

    The Agency is entitled to compensation if a spouse, or extramarital partner, descendant or parent, company, authorized person, employee or associate of the principal concludes a mediated legal transaction with a person with whom the Agency has brought the principal into contact.

    The withdrawal of the Principal or a Third Party with whom the Principal has entered into a preliminary agreement in relation to the real estate that is the subject of mediation, as well as the withdrawal of the Principal or the person with whom the Principal has concluded a contract in relation to the real estate which is the subject of mediation do not affect the obligation of the Principal to pay the Mediator a brokerage fee in the amount and in the manner specified in this Article and the concluded brokerage agreement.

    The Mediator is entitled to Compensation if the spouse or extramarital partner, descendant or parent of the Principal/Client, Principal’s company, institution or other legal entity that the Principal/Client, his spouse or common-law partner, descendant or parent founder or legal representative, or person with which he has concluded an employment contract, concludes a mediated legal transaction with a person with whom the Mediator  brought the Principal/Client into contact.

    5. Fee amounts
    The following percentages are paid as an intermediary fee and are subject to VAT.

    5.1. Sale
    The commission/fee/compensation of the Agency is 3% + VAT, and a minimum of 3000 EUR in the equivalent of HRK from the achieved amount of the purchase price of the real estate, or as agreed by the contracting parties.
    In the case of the principal with whom the Agency has an exclusive brokerage contract, the commission is charged according to the amount agreed and stated in the contract.

    5.2. Purchase/Acquisition
    The Agency’s commission is 3% + VAT and a minimum of 3000 EUR in the equivalent of HRK from the achieved amount of the purchase price of the real estate or as agreed by the contracting parties.

    In the case of mediation, in which the seller party alone or through a third party has found an interested person, the mediator may charge the actual costs incurred during work on connection with the business in question.

    5.5. Intermediary paid by hour
    The amount of the intermediary hourly rate with included costs (time spent, production and advertising and other costs related to the mediated work) is HRK 500.00, which does not include the cost of field trips or fuel costs. The brokerage schedule is specifically contracted for certain tasks ordered by the Client and is not part of the usual agency brokerage agreement.

    6. Termination of the contract
    The mediation contract is concluded for a definite period of time, usually 2 years, and terminates upon the expiration of the term for which it was concluded, if the contract for which the mediation was concluded was not concluded within that period.

    The parties may withdraw from the real estate brokerage contract before the expiration of the agreed period only for a particularly justified reason. In that case, the principal is obliged to reimburse the agency for the costs incurred.

    If the principal/client concludes a legal transaction with person whom the Agency brought him into contact, and which legal transaction is a consequence of the Agency’s actions dating within a period of concluded mediation contract (agency connected principal/client and third person in time when mediation contract was in power) and before the termination of the mediation contract, client/principal is obliged to pay the mediation fee/agency commission in full amount.

    7. General Provisions and Dispute Resolution
    The provisions of the Real Estate Brokerage Law and the general provisions of the Civil Obligations Law  shall apply in the alternative to the relations between the principal and the agency arising from the brokerage contract which are not regulated by these General Terms and Conditions or the brokerage contract.

    Possible disputes will be resolved by the jurisdiction of the Municipal Court in Split.

    8. The party may enter the complaints in the book of records of consumer complaints located in the business premises of the intermediary, or send a written complaint to which the Agency will respond.

    9. By signing the brokerage contract, the client/principal gives explicit consent to the Agency to use the client’s OIB, personal identification number, passport and identity card data and other personal data for the purpose of identifying the client and protecting property interests in the business of Obiteljska putovanja doo, all in in accordance with the Croatian laws.

    10. In the Republic of Croatia, when performing business of mediation of real estate and for the processes of purchase or sale of real estate, only the laws of the Republic of Croatia apply.

    11. Mediation in real estate transactions in Croatia can only be performed by licensed agencies registered in the Republic of Croatia, which are registered in the Register of Intermediaries at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. Foreign agencies do not have the right to mediate in the sale or purchase of real estate in Croatia, unless they are registered in the register of intermediaries in HRK.


    Opci uvjeti poslovanja
    Sukladno s odredbama Zakona o posredovanju u prometu nekretnina („NN” br.107/07) Agencija za posredovanje u prometu nekretnina Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o., registrirana u Registru Posrednika pri HGK, pod brojem 74/2011, donosi ispod navedene Opce uvjete poslovanja.

    Opcim uvjetima poslovanja uredjuje se poslovni odnos izmedju Agencije za posredovanje u prometu nekretnina Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o. (u daljem tekstu: Agencija) kao posrednika i nalogodavca (fizicke ili pravne osobe).

    Sklapanjem Ugovora o posredovanju nalogodavac potvrdjuje da je upoznat i suglasan s odredbama ovih uvjeta poslovanja Agencije.


    Opći uvjeti su sastavni dio Ugovora o posredovanju.
    Pojedini pojmovi i nazivi u smislu ovih Općih uvjeta poslovanja imaju sljedeće značenje:
    Posrednik u prometu nekretnina – agencija za posredovanje u prometu nekretninama Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o.
    Nalogodavac je fizička i/ili pravna osoba koja s Posrednikom sklopi Ugovor o posredovanju (prodavatelj, kupac, zakupnik, zakupodavac, najmodavac, najmoprimac i drugi mogući sudionici u prometu nekretnina).
    Posredovanje u prometu nekretnina su sve radnje Posrednika u prometu nekretninama koje se odnose na povezivanje Nalogodavca i treće osobe te pregovora i priprema za sklapanje pravnih poslova kojih je predmet određena nekretnina, a naročito pri kupnji, prodaji, zamjeni, najmu, zakupu i dr.
    Treća osoba je osoba koju Posrednik u prometu nekretninama nastoji povezati s Nalogodavcem radi pregovora o sklapanju pravnih poslova predmet kojih je određena nekretnina.
    Posrednička naknada je iznos koji je Nalogodavac dužan isplatiti Posredniku za usluge posredovanja.

    1. Ponuda nekretnina
    Ponuda nekretnina za koje agencija posreduje u prodaji, kupnji, zamjeni ili najmu temelji se na podacima koje zaprimamo pismenim ili usmenim putem od vlasnika nekretnina. Zadržavamo mogucnost greške ili zabune u opisu i cijeni nekretnine, te mogucnosti da je nekretnina vec prethodno prodana, iznajmljena ili je vlasnik nekretnine odustao od prodaje (ili najma/ zakupa).

    Informacije o konkretnoj danoj ponudi i obavijesti primatelj (nalogodavac) mora cuvati u povjerenju i samo ih uz naše pismeno odobrenje smije prenijeti trecoj osobi.

    Ako je primatelju naše ponude neka od nekretnina koje smo mu ponudili vec poznat, obvezan nas je, bez odgode, o tome obavijestiti.

    Cijene su izražene u EURima a plative u protuvrijednosti kuna.

    2. Obveze agencije
    sklopiti Ugovor o posredovanju s nalagodavcem u pisanom obliku (standardni ili iskljucivi, tzv. ekskluzivni);
    nastojati naci i dovesti u vezu s nalogodavcem osobu radi zakljucivanja posredovanog posla;
    upoznati nalogodavca s prosjecnom tržišnom cijenom slicne nekretnine;
    upozoriti nalogodavca sa nedostacima nekretnine;
    obaviti uvid u isprave kojima se dokazuje vlasništvo ili drugo stvarno pravo na predmetnoj nekretnini i upozoriti nalogodavca na ocite nedostatke i moguce rizike zbog neurecenog zemljišnoknjižnog stanja nekretnine;
    upoznati nalogodavca sa svim zakonskim, poreznim i drugim obvezama koje za njega proizlaze iz pravnog posla glede predmetne nekretnine;
    obaviti potrebne radnje radi predstavljanja (prezentacije) nekretnine na tržištu, oglasiti nekretninu na odgovarajuci nacin koji odredi Agencija;
    omoguciti pregled nekretnina;
    cuvati osobne podatke nalogodavca, te po pisanom nalogu nalogodavca kao poslovnu tajnu podatke o nekretnini za koju posreduje ili u vezi s tom nekretninom ili s poslom za koji posreduje;
    obavijestiti nalogodavca o svim okolnostima znacajnim za namjeravani posao koje su Agenciji poznate.
    posredovati u pregovorima i nastojati da doce do sklapanja pravnog posla kupoprodaje;
    nazociti sklapanju pravnog posla (Predugovora i Ugovora);
    Smatra se da je agencija omogucila nalogodavcu stupanje u vezu s drugom osobom (fizickom ili pravnom) s kojom je pregovarao za sklapanje pravnog posla, a narocito ako je:

    neposredno odveo ili uputio nalogodavca u razgledavanje predmetne nekretnine; organizirao susret izmedju nalogodavca i druge ugovorne osobe radi pregovaranja za sklapanje pravnog posla; nalogodavcu priopcio ili dostavio ime, broj telefona, emaila, ili telefaksa druge osobe ovlaštene za sklapanje pravnog posla ili mu je priopcio tocnu lokaciju tražene nekretnine ili mu je dostavio ili omogućio uvid u fotografije iz kojih je vidljiva točna lokacija tražene nekretnine.

    3. Obveze nalogodavca
    sklopiti Ugovor o posredovanju s Agencijom u pisanom obliku (standardni ili iskljucivi tzv; ekskluzivni);
    obavijestiti Agenciju o svim okolnostima koje su važne za obavljanje posredovanja i predociti tocne podatke o nekretnini te ako posjeduje dati posredniku na uvid lokacijsku, gracevinsku, odnosno uporabnu dozvolu za nekretninu koja je predmet ugovora te dati na uvid posredniku dokaze o ispunjavanju obveza prema trecoj strani;
    dati posredniku na uvid isprave koje dokazuju njegovo vlasništvo na nekretnini, odnosno drugo stvarno pravo na nekretnini koja je predmet ugovora te upozoriti posrednika na sve uknjižene i neuknjižene terete koji postoje na nekretnini;
    omoguciti, odnosno osigurati Agenciji i trecoj osobi zainteresiranoj za zakljucivanje posredovanog posla razgledanje nekretnine;
    obavijestiti Agenciju o svim bitnim podacima o traženoj nekretnini što posebno ukljucuje opis nekretnine i cijenu;
    odmah nakon zakljucivanja posredovanoga pravnog posla, odnosno predugovora kojim se obvezao zakljuciti posredovani pravni posao, isplatiti Agenciji ugovorenu naknadu (proviziju) osim ako nije drukcije ugovoreno;
    nadoknaditi Agenciji eventualne troškove ucinjene tijekom posredovanja, koje prelaze uobicajene troškove posredovanja, ako je tako dogovoreno;
    obavijestiti Agenciju pismenim putem o svim promjenama vezanim uz posao za koji je ovlastio agenciju, a posebno o promjenama povezanim s vlasništvom na nekretnini;
    nalogodavac ce odgovarati za štetu, ako nije pri tom postupio u dobroj vjeri, odnosno ako je postupio prijevarno, te ako je zatajio ili dao netocne podatke bitne za posao posredovanja u cilju okoncanja pravnog posla, te je dužan naknaditi Agenciji sve troškove ucinjene tijekom posredovanja, koji ne mogu biti veci od posrednicke naknade za posredovani posao.
    Ako je nekretnina u suvlasništvu više osoba, potreban je pisani pristanak (punomoć) svih suvlasnika ili opunomoćenika/zastupnika svih suvlasnika nekretnine u vidu prihvaćanja Ugovora o posredovanju. U slučaju više suvlasnika i opunomoćenika za predmetnu nekretninu, solidarno duguju platiti posredničku naknadu.
    4. Ostvarivanje prava na naknadu
    Pravni posao se smatra zakljucenim kada su se Nalogodavac i treca osoba sporazumjeli u pogledu predmeta ugovora i cijene, odnosno u trenutku sklapanja ugovora, predugovora i/ili polaganja kapare za posredovani pravni posao ili potpisivanja obostranog drugog relevantnog dokumenta o prijenosu vlasništva tj prometu nekretnine. Prema ovim uvjetima posredovani pravni posao je i onaj kada Nalogodavac zakljuci ugovor, predugovor i/ili položi kaparu sa trecom osobom, a sa kojom ju je Posrednik doveo u vezu, za nekretnine koje su vlasništvo trece osobe, pravne ili fizičke ili clanova njegove obitelji iako nisu izricito navedene na Ugovoru o posredovanju ili Posrednickom listu. U posrednicku naknadu su kumulativno ukljuceni i svi troškovi koje je Posrednik imao prilikom posredovanja te Posrednik naplatom posrednicke naknade gubi pravo na naknadu istih troškova. To se ne odnosi na troškove za poslove nastale kad posrednik u dogovoru s naruciteljem obavlja za njega i druge usluge u vezi s poslom koji je predmet posredovanja a koji ne ulaze u uobicajene aktivnosti posredovanja. Ugovorena posrednicka naknada ne ukljucuje troškove podmirenja sudskih pristojbi za uknjižbu, predbilježbu i zabilježbu, javnobilježnicke nagrade pri ovjeri potpisa na ispravama, podmirenje pristojbi za ishodovanje vlasnickog lista, kopije katastarskog plana, identifikacije, prijenos hipoteke, pristojbe za skidanje hipoteke, potvrde i druge isprave u svezi zakljucenog pravnog posla.

    Agencija stjece pravo na naknadu u cijelosti u trenutku zakljucenja posredovanoga posla, odnosno potpisom predugovora ili ugovora kojim se nalogodavac obvezao zakljuciti posredovani pravni posao. Naknada se isplacuje agenciji u trenutku potpisivanja kupoprodajnog predugovora ili ugovora dviju ugovornih strana ili zaključenja relevantne isprave o prijenosu vlasništva.

    Visina posrednickih provizija za obavljeno posredovanje prilikom kupoprodaje, zamjene, zakupa i iznajmljivanja nekretnina naplacuje se u skladu s Ugovorom o posredovanju.

    Agencija može ugovoriti pravo na naknadu troškova nužnih za izvršenje naloga i zatražiti da joj se unaprijed akontiraju sredstva za odredjene izdatke za troškove.

    Nalogodavac je dužan platiti naknadu i kad je s osobom s kojom ju je u vezu dovela Agencija zakljucio pravni posao razlicit od onoga za koji se posredovalo, koji je iste vrijednosti kao i pravni posao odnosno kojim se postiže ista svrha kao i posredovanim pravnim poslom.

    Agencija ima pravo na naknadu ako bracni, odnosno izvanbracni drug, potomak ili roditelj, trgovačko društvo, ovlaštenik, zaposlenik ili suradnik nalogodavca zakljuci posredovani pravni posao s osobom s kojom je Agencija nalogodavca dovela u vezu.

    Odustanak Nalogodavca ili Treće osobe s kojom je Nalogodavac sklopio predugovor u vezi s nekretninom koja je predmet posredovanja, kao niti odustanak Nalogodavca ili osobe s kojom je Nalogodavac sklopio ugovor u vezi s nekretninom koja je predmet posredovanja od ispunjenja sklopljenog ugovora ne utječu na obvezu Nalogodavca da Posredniku plati naknadu za posredovanje u visini i na način utvrđen ovim člankom i sklopljenim ugovorom o posredovanju.

    Nalogodavac je dužan platiti Naknadu i kad je s Trećom osobom, na koju mu je ukazao Posrednik i s kojom ga je Posrednik doveo u vezu, zaključio pravni posao različit od onoga za koji se posredovalo, a kojim se postiže ista svrha kao i posredovanim poslom ili predmet kojeg je pravnog posla nekretnina koja je predmet posredovanja.

    Posrednik ima pravo na Naknadu ako bračni, odnosno izvanbračni drug, potomak ili roditelj Nalogodavca; odnosno trgovačko društvo, ustanova ili druga pravna osoba koje je Nalogodavac, njegov bračni ili izvanbračni drug, potomak ili roditelj osnivač ili zakonski zastupnik, odnosno s kojom ima sklopljen ugovor o radu ili ugovor o djelu, zaključi posredovani pravni posao s osobom s kojom je Posrednik Nalogodavca doveo u vezu.

    5. Iznosi naknada
    Dalje navedeni postoci placaju se kao posrednicka naknada i na njih se obracunava PDV.

    5.1. Prodaja
    Provizija Agencije iznosi 3% + PDV, a minimalno 3000 EUR u protuvrijednosti kuna od postignutog iznosa kupoprodajne cijene nekretnine, ili kako se ugovorne strane dogovore.
    Kod nalogodavaca s kojim Agencija ima iskljucivi posrednicki Ugovor provizija se naplacuje prema iznosu ugovorenom i navedenom u ugovoru.

    5.2. Kupnja
    Provizija Agencije iznosi od 3% + PDV a minimalno 3000 EUR u protuvrijednosti kuna od postignutog iznosa kupoprodajne cijene nekretnine ili kako se ugovorne strane dogovore.

    U slucaju u kojem Agencija ima iskljucivi posrednicki Ugovor naplacuje se provizija prema iznosu ugovorenom i navedenom u ugovoru.

    U slučaju posredovanja, u kojem je stranka nalogodavac sama ili preko treće osobe našla zainteresiranu osobu, posrednik može u skladu sa svojom savješću naplatiti stvarne troškove nastale u svezi predmetnog poslovanja.

    5.5. Posrednicka satnica
    Iznos posrednicke satnice sa ukljucenim troškovima (utrošeno vrijeme, izrada i oglašavanje te ostali troškovi vezani uz posredovani posao) iznosi 500,00 HRK, u koju ne ulaze trošak izlaska na teren niti trošak goriva. Posrednicka satnica posebno se ugovara za odredjene poslove po narudzbi Nalogodavca i nije dio uobicajenog agencijskog ugovora o posredovanju.

    6. Prestanak ugovora
    Ugovor o posredovanju sklapa se na odredjeno vrijeme i prestaje istekom roka na koji je sklopljen, ako u tome roku nije sklopljen ugovor za koji je posredovano.

    Stranke mogu odustati od ugovora o posredovanju u prometu nekretnina prije isteka ugovorenog roka samo iz osobito opravdanog razloga. Nalogodavac je u tom slucaju dužan nadoknaditi agenciji ucinjene troškove.

    Ako u roku ne dužem od vremena trajanja sklopljenog ugovora o posredovanju, nakon prestanka tog ugovora nalogodavac sklopi pravni posao koji je pretežito posljedica djelovanja Agencije prije prestanka ugovora o posredovanju, dužan je Agenciji platiti posrednicku naknadu u cijelosti, osim ako ugovorom nije drukcije ugovoreno.

    Kad ugovor prestane zbog isteka vremena, nalogodavac je dužan naknaditi Agenciji ucinjene troškove za koje je inace bilo izricito ugovoreno da ih nalogodavac posebno placa.

    7. Suradnja s drugim agencijama
    Agencija je spremna za suradnju s drugim agencijama za posredovanje u prometu nekretnina koje poštuju temeljna eticka nacela (kojima se iskljucuje iznošenje neistinitih podataka o poslovanju radi pribavljanja poslova i stranaka, omalovažavanje drugih agencija na bilo koji nacin, radi pribavljanja poslova i stranaka, nerealne procjene nekretnina radi pribavljanja posrednickih poslova i istupanje u sredstvima informiranja s namjerom osobne promidžbe, a na štetu drugih).

    8. Opce odredbe i rješavanje sporova
    Na odnose izmedju nalogodavca i agencije proizašle iz ugovora o posredovanju koji nisu uredjeni ovim Opcim uvjetima poslovanja niti ugovorom o posredovanju, podredno se primjenjuju odredbe Zakona o posredovanju u prometu nekretnina i opce odredbe Zakona o obveznim odnosima.

    Moguce sporove ce rješavati nadležnost Opcinskog suda u Splitu.

    9. Stranka može prigovore upisati u knjigu evidencija prigovora potrošača koja se nalazi u poslovnom prostoru posrednika, odnosno uputiti pisanim putem prigovor na koji će se Agencija odgovorom očitovati.

    10. Potpisom ugovora o posredovanju, nalogodavac daje izričitu suglasnost Agenciji za korištenje nalogodavčevog OIB-a, matičnog broja građana, podataka iz putovnice i osobne iskaznice i ostalih osobnih podataka u svrhu identifikacije klijenta i zaštite imovinskih interesa u poslovanju Agencije Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o., sve u skladu sa zakonom o zaštiti podataka (GDPR) i odredbama o zaštiti podataka agencije Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o. objavljene na webu agencije.

    11. U poslovanju posredovanja prometom nekretnina te kupovini i prodaji nekretnina primjenjuju se isključivo zakoni Republike Hrvatske.

    12. Posredovanjem u prometu nekretnina u Hrvatskoj isključivo se mogu baviti licencirane agencije registrirane u Republici Hrvatskoj, koje su upisane u Registar Posrednika pri Hrvatskoj gospodarskoj komori. Strane agencije nemaju pravo posredovati u prodaji ili kupovini nekretnina u Hrvatskoj, osim ako su upisane u registar posrednika u HRK.

    Obiteljska putovanja d.o.o. Split, 2020.

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