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Acquiring of real estate in Croatia - Questions and Answers

All important facts, info and regulations about procedure of acquiring property in Croatia, cost, fees and taxes, laws, time frame.

How can foreigner acquire real estate in Croatia?

If foreigner is natural person with European Union citizenship, acquiring property in Croatia is same way as Croatian citizens, except agricultural land and land in protected zones such as national parks or maritime good (sea shore or beach).

If foreigner is natural person but non EU citizen, such person may acquire real property in Croatia under condition of reciprocity. List of countries for which this rule applies are listed on the website of the Croatian  Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What is the tax on acquiring property in Croatia?

As of January 2019. tax on property purchase is reduced to 3%. Tax is paid once, in 15 days after Tax office deliver bill.

Is there annual real estate tax for owning house in Croatia?

No, there is no tax for owning real estate in Croatia. There is small fee for owners of second home, which tax is annually about 200-300 EUR, depending on the size of home.

What a notary public does and what a lawyer does in the process of acquiring real estate in Croatia?

In Croatia, public notary only notarize signatures of persons signing purchase/sale contract. Lawyer/solicitor/advocate prepares draft of the contract and apply for registration of buyer in title deed in Land Registry Court.

What is lawyer's fee for drafting of purchase/sales contract in Croatia?

Many lawyers speak fluent English, German or other language so they can draft contract in Croatian (obligatory) and additional language in which you need contract to be. Lawyers’ fees vary, some take 1-2%, some have fixed fee. We’ll be glad to recommend experienced lawyer at lowest possible fee.

What is public notary fee in Croatia?

In many countries public notary prepare text of the purchase/sale contract and register ownership in Land Registry, but in Croatia public notary is only notarizing signatures of the parties who sign contract and rest is done by lawyers/solicitors/advocates to whom you give power of attorney to apply with signed and notarized contract to the Land registry court for registering your name in title deed. Public notary fee is 30-50 EUR, depending on how many documents are to be notarized. Read more in our article about all fees in process of purchase of Croatian property.

What is real estate broker fee in Croatia?

According to the Croatian law about mediation in real estate transfer, real estate brokers’ fee is not limited, so brokers are free to set the fee level according to their own policy. Usually it is fee/commission of 3% + VAT that real estate brokers charge from buyers.

What are steps in buying procedure of Croatian real estate?

All steps of buying procedure read in our article on how to buy property in Croatia.

You have a lot more questions related to property buying procedure in Croatia?

We have all answers, we are experienced team working in Croatian real estate sales for more than 15 years, and another 20 years in sales on the international market. Read more about buying procedure on our old website or email us