Local stores to decorate Croatian home:  After you purchase home in Croatia, probably you need some local stores with furniture and house appliances, kitchen equipment, toiletries, textiles and other things to make your Croatian home nice place to stay.

We are real estate agency located in Split, the heart of Dalmatia. We can help with info which stores are in Dalmatia or which stores are nearest to your Croatian home location.

For serious renovation works that need reconstruction and hiring architect and construction company, contact us. We are happy to recommend you architect and construction company in your area. 

Large furniture shops in Dalmatia are mainly in Split area. Here are few largest.

Lesnina, located in Dugopolje, next to the highway exit for Split. All style furniture, kitchen appliances and devices, decorations, home textiles, garden furniture, bed linen and all kind of home decor.

Emmezeta  located in Kastel Sucurac, close to Split. Italian style furniture, also all kitchen appliances and devices, multimedia, garden furniture, seasons decorations, bed linen, curtains and all kind of home stuff.

IKEA Croatia is located in Zagreb. They accept online orders which are distributed free of charge to dispatch centers in Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik. I suppose no need to explain Ikea assortment.

Bauhaus assortment is mainly construction materials and home supply. Have a look at their website for assortment and visit Bauhaus center in Split, on the exit at the industrial zone. 

There are a lots of local furniture shops and shops for building materials that we can recommend.