Croatia Trogir Vinisce building land for sale


Croatia Trogir Vinisce building land for sale is located in residential zone, about 200 meters to the seafront.

Land has all infrastructure (electricity and water connection) right on the street from which there is a car access. Size of the land is 458 square meters and is about 5 minutes walk to the seafront.

Land surface is almost flat so no extra cost for deep excavation works. Land is situated on the west side of the Vinisce bay. It is still possible to book a mooring for a boat for a whole year at very low price. This bay is protected from winds. Beautiful beaches are all along this bay. Vinisce is quiet even in summer time. Price for Croatia Trogir Vinisce building land for sale is 75 000 EUR.

Trogir, Dalmatia’s hidden gem is a remarkable small town with 2300 years of tradition, set on a small island on the Adriatic coast of Croatia in the center of Dalmatia. Hiding not so far away from Split, only 27 km, it is connected to the mainland and with another island, Ciovo with bridges. The historic city center is under the protection of UNESCO since 1997., recognized as a true example of urban continuity, an old town with a number of intact Renaissance and Baroque buildings and churches from the Venetian period. You can really get a sense of the Mediterranean while sight seeing and wandering the narrow streets of Trogir, sometimes nick-named the town-museum. Trogir is very well connected with the rest of the Europe through a good air network to Split’s airport. After you’ve reached Split, you can take a car or a bus, and you are in this beautiful old town within a few hours. You can also come with a boat, coming from the coastal cities of Italy, such as Ancona, Pescara, Bari or Venetia, and if you are coming to Trogir while cruising on your own boat, you will surely find a port for you to anchor in and enjoy, either the ACI Marina Trogir, Trogir Waterfront or on the island Ciovo waterfront. There is a lot to see in such  a small place, so keep your eyes wide open while o  bserving what Trogir has to offer, such as a well preserved castle and a tower, palaces and cathedrals from the 13th century. 

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